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About Us

CEO, Founder herself, 

Rama McGraw 

As they say in my country, Akwaba ! (Welcome)


My name is Ramatou McGraw, CEO, Founder of My Tropic Trends created a few years ago after an unexpected life event. 

As of August 21st 2014, I was a hairdresser, loving and selling hair. The business was booming and working never felt like it. Unfortunately, that year, I got diagnosed with cancer ! A news that left me shocked, overwhelmed, scared, worried and everything else you may imagine. One day after the other, one chemotherapy at a time, I started doing more research about that disease and decided to make lemonade out of the lemons life had just thrown at me. That started with making better choices in my life in terms of the food I was eating. But the more i was into the process, the more I realized that making better choices had to do with more than what was in my plate. The more natural, organic and unprocessed, the better and that also applied to the hair I was selling. And this is how my Tropic Trends was born ! With a desire to go back to the roots of everything. And for me, rawness, authenticity scream Africa, my beloved continent. Buying from My tropic Trends is a way for you to connect back to the craddle of humanity and enjoy the most Authentic clothes, Accessories and Original Lifestyle. 

This is what makes me get out of bed every morning: to know that through what I sell, I can beautify you while allowing you to affirm your love for Africa and/or your identity. Being a customer of My Tropic Trends is not only supporting and buying what we sell but why we sell it.

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